Terms and conditions of use of online testing environment

To use the online testing environment of the University of Tartu, you have to agree to the following terms and conditions of use. For further information, please contact eope@ut.ee.

I. General

1.1. The online testing environment of the University of Tartu is an open-source e-learning web application and e-learning environment of Moodle located at https://testid.ut.ee (‘testing environment’).

1.2. The administrator of the environment is the University of Tartu (‘university’), who provides teaching staff with the opportunity to use the testing environment for creating entrance tests and exams, and student applicants and students with the opportunity to use the environment for taking the tests.

1.3. The users of the testing environment (‘user’) are natural persons who hold the user account of the testing environment (‘account’).

1.4. Use of the testing environment means mostly the use of the possibilities the testing environment offers for taking or creating tests.

1.5. The use of the testing environment is possible only by means of a personal user account, which enables user identification. User authentication in the testing environment can be performed with username and password, ID card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID authentication solution.

II. Creating and deleting a testing environment account

2.1. Users cannot create user accounts for themselves in the testing environment. University employees and students can create an account by entering the testing environment with their username and password for the university’s computer network.

2.2. Student applicants’ accounts are created manually based on the personal information (name and surname, email address, personal ID code) they provide upon registration in the admissions information system SAIS. It is generally possible to enter the testing environment only by means of an ID card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID. A username is issued to student applicants only if the aforementioned authentication methods are unavailable.

2.3. The testing environment users do not need to provide any additional information to use the learning environment. The user’s name and surname, email address, ID number in the university’s staff register or SAIS user account number, and personal ID code (for foreign citizens, a code generated based on the user’s surname and date of birth) are transferred from the central database of the university to the testing environment. Any other information (e.g. photo, city, middle name(s), interests) in the user profile is optional and can be added by the user, if desired. The purpose of processing the voluntarily added personal data is to improve user convenience in the course of teaching and learning.

2.4 Accounts are preserved in the database of the testing environment for two months after the end of the admission period, or until the beginning of the next semester. Users have a right to request the university to delete their account at any time by sending such request to eope@ut.ee. The account and all information related to the account in the testing environment are deleted within two weeks of receiving the respective request.

III. Rights, obligations and liability of the user

3.1. The user may create or take tests in the testing environment only if the university has enrolled the user to the course of the respective test in the role of a teacher or a participant.

3.2. If guest access to an open course has been enabled in the course, it is possible to take the test as an unauthenticated user. Guest access to the course can be protected with a key.

3.3. By creating an account, users will get the testing environment user profile, where they can save other personal data in addition to the data required for creating the account. Users may edit or delete the personal data and any optional information they have added to their profile at any time.

3.4. Users are responsible for the accuracy of the personal data added to their account.

3.5. When using the account, users must take all measures to prevent third persons from accessing their account (e.g. change of password, deactivation of ID-card, etc.). In case of risk, IT Helpdesk must be notified by email: arvutiabi@ut.ee.

3.6. Any activities that may damage the operation of the testing environment or are contrary to the law are prohibited when creating the account and using the testing environment. In case prohibited activities are detected, the university is entitled to restrict the user’s access to the testing environment.

3.7. Examples of prohibited activities include, but are not limited to, overloading the testing environment with queries, adding unsafe or illegal content to the system, copyright violations, attempts to access other users’ accounts, or any other objectionable conduct or contribution to such conduct by the user.

IV. Rights, obligations and liability of the university

4.1. The university has a right to use the testing environment for the purpose of organising the university’s entrance tests and exams. The service is provided 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, except during maintenance hours as notified by the university. The operation of the service is guaranteed according to the terms and conditions established and described in the IT services catalogue.

4.2. The university must ensure the compliance of the users’ roles and rights, and prevent unauthorised persons from accessing the courses of the testing environment. The course teacher ensures access to the course during the period of conducting the test or exam.

4.3. The university has a right to unilaterally amend the terms and conditions of use. Users are informed of such amendments when they log in to the testing environment for the first time after the amendment.

4.4. The testing environment may only be used over a secure connection (https).

4.5. The testing environment is hosted by servers that are administered by the university and located in the territory of Estonia.

4.6. Security updates are regularly provided to the servers and database software of the testing environment.

4.7. Maintenance windows are used for performing maintenance. Further information on maintenance windows is provided on the front page of the testing environment. During maintenance windows, the use of the testing environment is disrupted or limited. Scheduled interruptions generally take place outside of the time of exams and tests.

4.8. The university provides user support to users of the testing environment by email: eope@ut.ee.

4.9. The university is not responsible for malfunctions in the operation of the testing environment, if such malfunctions are caused by circumstances that are beyond the control of the university.

V. Personal data protection

5.1. The university as the controller processes personal data only for the purpose of providing the service to users and to enable to conduct teaching and learning pursuant to the Data protection policy of the university.

5.2. For better and more effective operation of the testing environment, cookies are stored in the web browser. When using the testing environment, you must definitely allow the session cookie, which manages user logon when navigating in the testing environment. When you log out or close the web browser, the cookie is automatically deleted from the browser and the server. In addition, the testing environment uses cookies for saving the language settings and username.

5.3. The university will give access rights to processing personal data in the testing environment only to persons who administer the testing environment, to persons who create tests and exams in the role of a teacher only for processing the data of learners participating in their course, and to legal persons if the requirement of disclosure arises from the law. Teachers can see the name and surname, email addresses and activity logs (incl. IP addresses) of learners participating in their course.

5.4. The testing environment saves the user activity information into logs that are used for monitoring course participation and activity completion. The logs of the testing environment are stored for 365 days.

5.5. The university may process all personal data included in the testing environment for providing user support and analysing the use of the testing environment for the purpose of enhancing service quality and user convenience.